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Boek 'Bondage for Sex'

Chanta Rose
BDSM Press
Engelstalig boek geschreven door Bondage Model Chanta Rose. Boek gaat met illustraties en foto's specifiek in op bondage technieken waarbij sex mogelijk blijft.  138 bladzijden. Book Description Adult Ed has an entirely new meaning, thanks to this first-of-its-kind guide to bondage in consensual relationships. This book corrects many misconceptions about bondage, educating readers and giving them the tools needed to explore their desires using restraint and rope bondage. This type of erotic play requires trust between two people and can be a wonderful way to bond with a partner. Chanta crushes the misconception that bondage is violent or dangerous and explains • How to approach your partner in non-threatening way about your kinky desires • Professional, step-by-step instruction • Graphic, full-color photography With a few simple knots and some well-thought-out positions and guidance, you and your partner will be able to experience this taboo form of love making. From the Publisher Every year we hear more about bondage, BDSM and other fetishes. Every day, these acts become more acceptable, but to many, bondage is still one of the last taboos and certainly not something to be used for sex, even if that is someones fantasy. We felt that people interested in bondage just didn't know where to begin. Bondage is a wonderful way to enhance your love-making but when we looked we could not find any resources on the subject. How would people know how to tie safely, what knot to use, which rope to buy and most importantly, how to approach their partner with the idea of kinky sex? "Bondage for Sex" was a book that needed to be written and Chanta Rose does a wonderful job of breaking down the barriers and making rope bondage simple for all who wish to try it. Filled with step by step photography, Bondage for Sex it is perfect for the couple that prefers to From the Author I cannot imagine living in a world where I had a secret desire and no outlet for it. Where my fantasy was taboo, or where I was unable to know where to start. Bondage used in love-making is not taboo or difficult in my world, and if it is in yours then I wrote this book for you. Rope need not be intimidating, nor should approaching your partner with your desires. Bondage is not a weapon but a tool that requires trust and respect. "Bondage for Sex" will guide you on your journey into kinky love-making and answer all of your questions along the way. About the Author About the Author Chanta Rose began her career as a bondage model. She is an experienced rigger in all types of bondage and has tied professionally, on a full-time basis, for more than four years. She has created and managed bondage websites and is well-known in the "fetish" world. Chanta has written a regular sex column for Fiesta Magazine, among others. Born in Melbourne, Australia, the author currently resides in San Francisco where she teaches sex bondage to sold-out classes of couples and groups. She believes that Bondage is ultimately all about sex and hopes to aid in others discovery of such wonderful love-making.
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